Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Festivities

Oh how much fun we had this year on Halloween. Like I said before we were supposed to have something Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights but Thursday's Spook City downtown got rained/monsooned out which was a blessing in disguise. We had plenty to do to make up for it.
Thursday Finley had a Halloween party at MDO/"school" that I made cookies and treats for. She had so much fun and is still talking about it. Ms. Sheila and Ms. Flora are the best....

the cookies I made for Fin's class

Then Friday night we had our Sunday School party at the Farmer's house and it turned out to be perfect weather by that night. It rained most of the day Friday but then about 4 the clouds broke and by the time we walked down there it was absolutely wonderful. The hayride got cancelled cause they wanted to still have a yard, but they improvised with indoor activities and we still got to roast s'mores over the fire pit. Everyone had a great time and almost everyone there was dressed up.... even the adults. Richard went as Paulie Bleeker and I went as Juno.... one of our favorites!

sweet Sophie

Richard as Bleeker

the superheros were talking stratagy!!- ha

Evie and Finley cracking themselves up

they set up cookie and cake decorating stations in the garage and it was a hit!

Saturday was a laid back day. It was perfect Halloween weather... cool, crisp and clear!! We knew that night would be exciting so we tried to take it easy during the day.
Finley and her 3 best friends were Superheros and I have to say that they turned out super dang cute! They were Super Finley/ Super Drew/ Super Evie/ Super Megan. We never got all 4 of them to be still long enough to get a good picture but we'll try maybe this week when they are not on a sugar high!

She really got into character

trying to get a decent pictures with our cousins Thomas and Emily(AKA- Hans solo and Ariel)

There was no one home at this house and they didn't understand... it was so funny cause they just kept standing there and looking inside!
cousin Emily
Laci and Finley
awesome full moon that night!

The night ended with us coming back and passing out candy then running out of candy and having to turn out the lights. I think Finley loved that just as much as trick-or-treating but when she found out we were out of ring pops she had a slight nuclear meltdown... I almost did the same when I found out we were out of chocolate- ha!!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween

Band-aid Bandit strikes again

I mean really..... are band-aids really that cool?? I guess I can't leave the kid alone for very ANY length of time... she was supposed to be watching Princess and the Pauper and this is what I found...