Monday, January 4, 2010

christmas catch up

We had a wonderful and busy christmas season this year- we actually just had our last celebration yesterday so I guess it's officially over. Fin is still thinking she "needs" more presents.... but i assure you she had PLENTY!

It was so much fun seeing christmas thru the eyes of a two year old. We did the elf on the shelf, spread the reindeer food, made cookies for santa and had all the decorations up which she all loved, but we tried and celebrate the birth Jesus throughout the season. Her new favorite song is away in a manger and the other day as we were singing i asked her who was in the manger and she stated bluntly "the hay". she knows the name of baby jesus' mom and dad and the angel so i guess we can call that good enough for this year.

All went smooth with all of our dates we had to keep except for the flooding on christmas day and eve when it took 2.5 hours to get to and from searcy... finley kept yelling "we're swimming in our car!" which did not help my anxiety about the situation at all- i guess she just tells it like she sees it!

our holidays in photos:

peace out ya'll!


trying to get a decent picture before church but heaven forbid we stand still and smile!

deciding to push cause she was going from wall to wall down the hall- ha!

it was too cold to ride our new barbie jeep so we went up the the church gym to try it out

a combination of princesses going on here

finley's stocking bucket

the aftermath
We went to garvan gardens with the famers the night before christmas eve and it was awesome
the 3 musketeers


  1. Cute post and pictures! Looks like lots of fun and lots of presents! I love her Blue dress! E

  2. Love the family picture... whose the guy with the beard and where's Richard?! :)

  3. Hi Rachel!

    I just had to chat back at ya and say hello! Thanks for you fun comment on my blog. It was such a big treat for me!

    I've read about your blessed life on your blog too! And you are in the season of life that I just finished. My kids are now 9,11,13 and I made it! (: It's the best journey I've ever been on.

    My paper biz is a giant wonderful gift from the Lord that allows me to stay at home with my peeps and still take care of my household. Although, I generally should be doing laundry and thawing chicken like you (:

    Wanted to say hello! And I appreciate your sisterhood-ness!

  4. We are forming an Arkansas Bloggers group and would love for you to link your blog to that. There are absolutely no obligations. This is just a way for us to be aware of one another. I think it will be fun to see where everyone is located. Eventually, there will be an Arkansas Bloggers page. That is currently under construction. The link to the information is on my blog if you would like to check it out.

  5. Hey Rachel! I just found your blog. Your family is just precios!