Monday, February 15, 2010

i hate january and February.... there I said what was on everyone's mind! I hate the short days, I hate the cold, I hate the cabin fever that sets in because of the previous 2.... I'm just really not a fan. this year was made a tad better by the 6 or so inches of snow we got in the past 2 weeks but still I cannot wait for spring. Not much has been happening... oh except for that my best friend had her 2nd- bennett was born Feb. 2nd and in mom's exact words "just perfect"! love it
can't you just eat him up? he is precious...
big sister drew came over to play a few days ago and I got a few pics of the girls together.... although a good pose by both in the same photo would be WAY too much to ask

i got a few pictures with my phone from the first round of snow while we were in Searcy with Mr. Frosty

Then a couple more over the weekend before it all melted with my new camera lens (hopefully I'll be more motivated to take some)

The only thing getting me through this season is knowing that we will be here in less than 2 weeks! This pasty white skin needs some sun like nobody's business!

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  1. Yeah, a new post!! Love Finley's pink hat in the snow:) Yall will have a blast on the Cruise!! E